Kultavilla - Custom Woven Fabrics

We provide small series of individual fabrics woven at our workshop in Lohja, Finland.

Design and product development

We prototype and develop new products in close cooperation with our clients. We can plan the production of the fabric and estimate the costs.


We use Dornier rapier weaving machines, suitable for custom orders using various fibres and yarns. We also supply the materials.

Client Work

Fabric collection for clothing

  • BY HINDERS Design and manufacturing fabrics for Unisex Fashion collection for BYHINDERS, a new Finnish Fashion brand. With craftsmanship and high quality materials like local wool and natural materials Designer Jonathan Ingberg aims to reflect systemic change on the Fashion industry.
  • NAMED CLOTHING Design and manufacturing clothing fabrics for Luova dress and Luova tunic clothing patterns. Materials: french linen and GOTS- certified organic cotton

Fabric collection for baby carriers and children clothing

  • LIINALAPSI / WEAR A BABY (Finland) Vanamo collection Product development and production of several styles. Materials: organic cotton (GOTS), merino wool (machine washable, mulesing-free), European linen (Masters of Linen).
  • BEBERING / INKANTO (Italy) Design and production of textiles for Inkanto baby wraps
  • AGTUVI / KIVAT (Finland) Production of organic cotton fabrics for KIVAT children clothing brand

Fabric collection for home deco and interiors

  • IIIIK INTO by Liina Blom (Finland) Protos and pilot models: curtain fabrics Vesi and Vauhti for IIIIK INTO brand (IIIIK contract collection awarded by MoOD Belgium: Blue Drop Award 2016)
  • VANAMO DECO (Finland) Vanamo Deco collection Product development and production of textiles for Vanamo Deco collection

Renovation projects

The Parliament of Finland Interior textiles for a restoration project. Reconstruction of interior fabrics designed by Irma Kukkasjärvi (original fabrics by Maija Kansanen): farbics for the Yellow room and for the Grey Room (opening 2017)

Research projects

  • KAICELL FIBERS (Finland) Material testing with innovative novel cellulose Arbron fiberyarns
  • SPINNOVA (Finland) Supportive studies and material testing with Spinnova’s novel cellulose-based eco-friendly Spinnova fiberyarns

Student workshops

Introduction to industrial scale weaving as a part of product development courses. Reviewing and altering student fabric designs to suit weaving machines. Weaving fabrics for clothing and interior uses for:

Other projects

In 2017 Finland was celebrating its 100th year of Independence. Design museum, Helsinki, collected 100 objects to represent finnish lifestyle in each year of independence. Vanamo baby wrap Vesi was selected to represent the year 2013 of Finnish Independency.

The exhibition ‘Life in Finland’ is shown worldwide during 2017-2020. You can make a tour here 100 Objects from Finland


Kultavilla | Susanna Kääriäinen (Designer/M.D.)

+358 40 5383 013

kultavilla AT kultavilla.fi

Ängsholmintie 175, 08700 Lohja, Finland